Michael Stride - Landscape artist, Lyme Regis, West Dorset, West Country


Telephone: 01297 443718
Mobile: 07712 616397
email: stride@ic24.net

Michael Stride
North Lodge
The Rousdon Estate
Rousdon, Nr. Lyme Regis
Dorset DT7 3XW


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Michael’s landscapes are visualised from a unique perspective, enhanced by the play of sunlight and shadows into striking compositions.

His atmospheric watercolours, large impasto acrylics and line and wash drawing all have a graphic quality stemming from his long experience as a commercial artist and designer. He always looks for the ‘happy accident’ in his compositions, visual symmetries that are too often gone in an instant; the way a branching tree breaks up the image of a building behind it, a startled flock of birds or relaxed figures caught in casual conversation.

Michael publishes a range of Limited Edition Fine art prints of the Jurassic Coast area and beyond, reproduced from his original paintings. They are of the finest reproduction quality available, their accuracy of colour and detail together with their durability all being endorsed by the strict standards of The Fine Art Trade Guild.

Specialist works

Aviation / Classic aircraft paintings
Michael has had many years’ experience painting famous classic aircraft, including wartime action scenes for leading aviation publisher, Ian Allan Ltd, as well as other historic aircraft organisations and museums. An associate member of the Guild of
Aviation Artists, has received two awards at their annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

Maritime paintings, marine subjects and yachts
Numerous maritime commissions have been undertaken, from work on behalf of Cunard Shipping Line for paintings and illustrations of their vessels in exotic locations, to illustrated history books featuring dramatic wartime action paintings, to private commissions for an owner’s yachts in full sail.

Railway paintings / Steam locomotives
Michael has completed several commissions for steam locomotives and other forms of transport for private collections and leading publishers.

Automobile paintings / Motor car art
Motor sports form a good proportion of his portfolio, commissioned by advertisers, publishers, museums and private clients.

Military / Wartime paintings
Battle scenes have also been commissioned by publishers and for a London military club.

Michael has many examples of his figurative works from pencil to impressions to large portraits.

Countryside paintings
A personal favourite: flora and fauna have served as the basis of many of his works, both for publishers and private clients. Michael also has many years experience producing illustrations for agricultural supply and machinery companies.